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[ooc: this post will be updated from time to time, but there will also be new posts for important announcements, etc.]

*This board is currently mostly empty - there's a worn old banner saying 'Welcome to Somnio' and there's a piece of paper with room assignments on it.

Currently the room assignments are as follows:

Level 1
A - Maes Hughes

Level 2
A - Jayne Cobb

Level 3
A - Fuuka Yamagishi

There is also a drawing of a smiley face in the corner.*
We'll be off to a slow start, but here goes!

Now open!

We're expecting a few more apps in within the next few days, so no worries - more characters will be in soon, but the few that are in can feel free to get started whenever they'd like!
Current Estimated Opening Date:



Changed back to the 'original' opening date, because with only a few days left, we still only had a few members and reserves in - date may get changed to the 10th again if more applications come in from those reserves! :)